About company

Marjel.com has been operating as a company since 2014. The main activity of the company is the retail and production of herbs.

About the establishment of Volli’s company:

I had been involved in healing for a long time before I started using medicinal herbs for more effective results. The year 2009 brought the first herb mixes, which I initially tested only on myself. After some time and thorough observation, I finally dared to recommend the improved mixes to my acquaintances as well, and then I got an even better overview of how the interaction of different medicinal herbs helps people.

Since the effect and power of medicinal herbs vary, I realized that one mix was not enough, and spent the next five years finding herb mixes that would help people with the most common problems. In 2014, all four created products were named. To this day, all four herb mixes have been widely used by people, bringing them the help they have long needed.